For mini-roundabouts is more sutable Ph mini-roundabout MSS  with a diameter of 3 m, which consists of 8 ramp-like formed circular segment humps of vulcanized recycled rubber

  • is clearly visible due to the large retro-reflex sur-faces and additional glass reflectors
  • is long-lasting, made of fully vulcanized rubber,
  • is quick + easy to assemble
  • can be used even in difficult street conditions
  • is silent when being driven over.
Main information
Name Mini-Roundabout
Abbreviation MMS RF R
Color anthracite
Order number 805400000
Material vulcanized rubber
Weight ab. 616 kg
Installation incl. 48 special dowels with screws and fastening claims included
Reflective parts 40 retroreflective bands color white
Width 300 cm
Length 300 cm
Height 3-12 cm

Mini-Roundabout Set 1x8, red-brown

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Mini-Roundabout Set 1x8 anthracite

Mini-Roundabout Set 1x8 anthracite

For mini-roundabouts is more sutable Ph mini-roundaboutb MSS  with a diameter of 3 m, which con..

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