Flexible and cost efficient solution for road narrowing, pavement and chicane construction, roundabout extension and flexible, massive (cycle) lane demarcation.

  • up to 200% elastic, enabling the kerbing to bend up to 180° 
  • gentle to tires and rims (compared to concrete or granite kerbs)
  • for temporary and permanent installation
  • product length can be adjusted and/or bended on location 
  • made of durable vulcanized rubber - UV, heat and cold resistant 

Clearly visible at night due to reflecting surfaces with large integrated retro-reflexbands, specially embedded for increased reflection durability and long lifetime.

Colour: anthracite 

Available in: anthracite / red-brown (801500000 / 56,40€)

  • Ph Elastik Bordstein - Ph Elastic kerbing

    Ph Elastik Bordstein - Ph Elastic kerbing
Main information
Name Elastic kerbing
Abbreviation EBS 100 RB
Color anthracite, red-brown
Material vulcanized rubber
Weight ab. 7 kg
Equipment 3 retroreflective stripes each 150 x 40 mm, color white
Installation incl. with 4 special dowels + screws
Width 9 cm
Length 100 cm
Height 10 см

Elastic Kerbing (EBS), 1000mm

  • 53.10€

  • Ex Tax: 53.10€

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